April 25, 2017 Noam Hirsch

Using Content to Your Advantage

We take it for granted that others will see the genius in our creations. Spending whole days designing and workshopping a project, seeing all the great benefits it can have often has us “drinking the Kool-Aid.” Of course people are going to be interested in what we have to offer! How could they not want our product?! We expect a line of customers around the corner, and reporters knocking down our door for the privilege of writing a story…yet this is not realistic.

With such a low barrier to entry, the Internet has created a world where any and every business can enter into marketplace for a relatively low cost. There are more companies creating and innovating within every vertical of the marketplace today than ever before, and the resulting saturation makes attracting coverage that much more difficult.

While we all hope every press release and announcement will be met with great fanfare and receive positive coverage, often times this is not the case (especially for smaller companies). News outlets only have so many journalists, and journalists can handle only so many assignments. With so many potential companies vying for attention, and inboxes overflowing with pitches, journalists must restrict their time to only those they deem the most interesting.

Who Are You?

There was a time in the history of every company when nobody knew who they were; Microsoft didn’t simply open its doors and become a multi-billion dollar enterprise; Apple started as an upstart computer company in a garage. Before consumers can appreciate your company and become customers, they have to know about you. Besides actually using your product, your content is the main way consumers will interact with your company, and you must use this to your advantage. Content is the consumers’ window into your company; it presents a chance to tell your story, what you do, and explain why you and your product are different than your competitors.

Thought Leadership

For the most part, journalists, and their readers alike, are not interested in stories about companies following the pack; there’s no breaking news in repeating what’s already been said, and unlike mega brands like Microsoft or Apple (who have many reporters assigned specifically to cover their beats) most cannot count on coverage as fait accompli. Your content is an opportunity to show your expertise in the field, and establish yourself as one of the forward thinking minds in the industry even in the absence of mainstream media attention.

Making Your Own News

Sometimes companies need to manufacture their own stories. Just because journalists don’t want to publish what you are saying, does not mean it should go unsaid. Original content is your way of bringing relevant information to the market, and one of your most powerful tools for engaging the consumer base in new and different ways. It’s impossible to predict which blog, social media post, or article will go viral or attract attention and it’s important to give yourself the opportunity to succeed. Who knows you might even get a story out of it…

Ultimately, creating a strong brand is about building positive perception. Your product may be great but this is just one aspect of a business. You cannot begin a new venture and rest on the laurels of your success. Creating new and insightful content and demonstrating the innovation your company offers will create greater interest, leading to bigger opportunities from both consumers and journalists alike.