Continuity Software is the leading provider of service availability risk management solutions.



Continuity Software is the leading provider of IT Operations Analytics solutions for infrastructure outage prevention.  The company’s award-winning solutions enable IT teams to proactively identify and eliminate single-points-of-failure across the entire IT infrastructure – including High Availability, Cloud, and Disaster Recovery (DR) environments.

Founded in 2005 by a team of IT infrastructure and data protection experts, the company is focused on a single mission – helping the world’s leading organizations prevent unplanned IT outages.

Today, Continuity’s flagship product, AvailabilityGuard, is trusted by many of the largest and most successful enterprises around the globe, ensuring that service availability, data protection, and business continuity goals are met or exceeded 365 days a year.



After working with Continuity for close to a year, GK had secured many bylined articles in top trade outlets, positioning the company’s top leadership as thought leaders in their respective industry.

However, over the second half of 2016, Continuity challenged GK to focus on securing more organic news coverage.  To accomplish this, GK worked on rapidly responding to breaking news events and leveraging those events as a way for Continuity executives to provide industry insight or commentary.

In order to build greater brand recognition, and to highlight the consequences that  IT outages can impose, Continuity sought media exposure in top tier outlets and leading industry publications.



GK worked with Continuity to iron out messaging and monitor breaking news. By monitoring daily headlines, and building relationships with relevant journalists, GK was able to consistently secure opportunities for Continuity executives to speak with top tier media.


Following every relevant breaking news event, GK swiftly constructed a media list including journalists who had covered the event in addition to those that would find the event relevant.  Next, we developed a “pitch”, first researching the event (or topic) and making sure to include any relevant data.  We worked together with Continuity to come up with the best angle for outreach, taking into consideration our target verticals (IT, aviation, utilities etc.)

After securing a media briefing, we worked closely with Continuity executives to make sure they felt adequately prepared for their conversation. We also followed up with all journalists to ensure they had the information they needed for their story.




Between the months of August and September,  GK secured interviews and coverage in top-tier media outlets including, AP, CNN, Business Insider, NBC, CBS, Inside Edition, among others. We have been able to successfully position Continuity as true thought leaders in the industry and now consistently receive regular inbound inquiries from industry journalists to interview executives from Continuity.