November 7, 2016 Tamar Shmaryahu

Four Things Every PR Pro Should Do When They First Get into the Office

It’s said that the first hour of the day is the most crucial. In fact, behavioral scientist Dan Ariely says most of us waste the “two most productive hours of the day on things that don’t require high, cognitive capacity” (like Twitter or replying to emails) . When the last hour of the day rolls by, it’s important to leave the office feeling accomplished. So, after you’ve brewed your first espresso (obviously) in the wee hours of the morning, remind yourself of these four tips.

Make a Plan for the Day

Ask yourself what’s priority. Who has an announcement? Is there an event? Go through all of your clients and figure out what needs to get done for the day (or week or month) and how. Of course, everyone has different styles, but here’s what I like to do: take a post-it and write down what needs to get done. Number the tasks in order of priority and give yourself a time limit for each.

Be News Savvy

Twitter and Google Alerts are PR’s best friends. Choose one or two top keywords for each client and check them on Google News or Twitter once or twice a day. Also, scroll through Google News throughout the day and Twitter to keep tabs of what’s happening, industry or not. Some of the best pitches are making connections that journalists would never think of themselves. After all, we do live in an interconnected world and one thing is bound to affect the other.

Help a Reporter Help You

Two musts of a PR professional. HARO (Help A Reporter Out) and #journorequest on Twitter. HARO is a tri-daily email blast with requests from various journalists looking for comment on news stories. #journorequest on Twitter is the same thing, but be ready to weed out a lot of junk (such as company blogs, no-name bloggers) from the cohort. Also, your favorite journalist could be in town and needs help on his next story. Choose a few key journalists for clients, follow them on Twitter and check their pages to see what they’re up to. They might need a comment on a story and this could be the next big break for your client.

Proactivity is Productivity

Find one thing that’s out of the box, that’s not ordinarily your responsibility, but would benefit the firm’s clientele. Think about: What are we doing as a whole that could be done better? Who’s out there that could use our help? What events are going on that we should have a presence in? Take this one step further, what type of technology is out there that interests me and who is doing that? Take ownership, and it will not only help the firm, but will make your line of work that much more interesting.

Of course, these tips are prefaced with getting a good night of sleep, exercise, eating well, and for some experts, meditation. After all, getting up on the right side of the bed is a benefit for not just you but for everyone around you. Happy productivity everyone!

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